Chris Weaver, PhD, is a forensic psychologist on the front lines of the mental health crisis in this country.

His research and passion is the intersection of the criminal justice system and mental illness, in particular PTSD. We discuss de-escalation, the “Good Dentist” technique, and other approaches to prevent a person with mental illness from escalating to a criminal event (including violence against health care workers). Watch the Facebook Live video and lend your voice in the comments, and SHARE please!


Here’s the toolkit Dr. Weaver coauthored with colleagues at the VA’s National Center for PTSD that describes some of the de-escalation techniques that we teach to police officers. The PTSD link in the top left will bring you back to the NC-PTSD proper, with tons of well-vetted and up-to-date links and info on all things PTSD:…/toolkits/police/index.asp

A link to a brief screening measure, designed for use in primary care. Free to use and duplicate!…/ass…/documents/pc-ptsd5-screen.pdf

The Sequential Intercept Model showing the points of potential mental health care intervention throughout the legal system:…/uploads/…/10/SIMBrochure.pdf

Journal of Threat Assessment and Management edited by top folks in the forensic psychology field, and planning an upcoming special edition on assessing and managing violence in health care settings:

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