When some unethical physicians started handing out inappropriate vaccine exemptions, Dr. Richard Pan got MAD.

But unlike many of us, Dr. Pan (a pediatrician trained in epidemiology) is also a California state senator…and he turned his righteous anger and concern for the health and safety of our children into real action by sponsoring (and fighting for) legislation intended to prevent this abuse. His reward? An antivaccine cult leader assaulted him on the street in Sacramento, and another hurled menstrual blood onto the floor of the state senate.

In this wide-ranging interview, we talk about fighting back against the anti-vax cult that would prey on suffering parents, how medical professionals can better advocate for causes they care about, legislative efforts to keep frontline healthcare workers safe from violence, and MUCH more…including a cameo from Doc Vader!










Leave your comments on the FB video below, and if you’d like to support Dr. Pan against the anti-vaccine forces that would see him recalled for protecting children, check out his website here.