Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the hardest doc of all?

Clean U Out: A Constipation Rap by the hardest of pediatricians, Dr. Harry (featuring a minor, teeny, nearly undetectable role by ZDoggMD)

Lyrics by Dr. Harry. Backing music track consists entirely of ZDoggMD’s vocal beatboxing (with the exception one synthesizer line). Shout out to LL Stool J.


Don’t count on the prune juice

You’ve been backed up for years

Rock hard stool comin’ out o’ your rear

Makin’ your tears rain down like a monsoon

Listen to your farts go BOOM



Blood from your rectum while you are showering

Wrecking shop when you drop those logs

That’ll make your hemorrhoids POP!

Don’t you DARE pinch off a pencil thin stool

Drop the kids off at the pool!

I”m gonna clean you out!

Momma said clean you out!

I’m gonna clean you out!

Colonic through the NG route!

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