Dr. Nicole Baldwin, a pediatrician who dared to support vaccination on Tik Tok, drew a coordinated attack from the antivaccine cult including death threats. Here’s why we all should be fighting back with her.

It’s time #DoctorsSpeakUp about the importance of vaccines. March 5th, are YOU in?

Check out the Shots Heard campaign and our interview with its founder Dr. Todd Wolynn.

Hey, everyone, Dr. Z! Okay, I’m sick and tired of vaccine stuff, I really am! It’s already been settled, we’re done with this, right? Wrong!

Nicole Baldwin, Pediatrician, puts out a TikTok video. Kinda funny, kinda clever, unlike most of TikTok, which I hate ’cause it’s owned by the Chinese government. Either way, she does this funny thing, puts it up on Twitter, the anti-vax clowns come outta the woodwork. And, we all know these people are just out to lunch, right?

I mean, you can tell by their memes. Their memes are so unfunny! Unfunny memes, unintelligent people, but they started attacking a pretty smart, and compassionate doctor, so much so that that they were actually going online, and Yelp reviews, negative Yelp reviews, never seen this doctor, right? Google, calling her clinic, leaving death threats, things from Facebook saying, you know, “Dead doctors don’t lie.”, and things like that. So, kind of stressful if you’re a practicing pediatrician. Why would you ever speak out if this is the result, right? How do you even fight back against all these fake reviews?

Well, it turns out, Todd Wolynn, another pediatrician who was on our show, started this organization called Shots Heard, and it responds en masse to these coordinated anti-vax attacks. So, this organization was activated, all the negative reviews were removed and flagged, Yelp actually cleaned up their business, Google, by the way, which it should be ashamed of itself, is much harder to change fake reviews, all right? Google, are you listening? But, they went and they actually banned all these people from her Facebook page, and cleaned up the reputation, and now she’s in the popular press as a hero, a heroine, that she is! So, the whole thing completely backfired.

So, what’s the lesson here? Okay, how do you fight miseducation and lies, i.e. the anti-vax movement? With education from credible sources. How many of you doctors, and nurses, and nurse practitioners, are too scared to speak up because you’re afraid that something like this will happen to you? Well, I was, I was scared, and then I started speaking up, and I realized, wait, there’s a lot of power here. We have credibility, we have a voice, why aren’t we using it? Until we all together stand up and make noise, these anti-vax clowns are gonna feel like they have a louder voice even though they’re a tiny minority of ding-dongs.

So, here’s the call-to-action! If we all stand up at once and say, “You know what, I’m gonna put out a Tweet “that says ‘I support vaccines’,” or, “I’m gonna put out a little video”, or, “I’m gonna do a TikTok”, or, “I’m gonna do an Instagram post.” They can’t attack us all, and if they do, the Shots Heard campaign, which will be linked in the comments, is available to fight back. And, I think that if we do this en masse, if we stand together, they can’t keep tearing us apart! Why does it matter? Because it’s the health of our kids!

You know, we’re seeing all these diseases coming back. It’s really on us to step up. We gotta stop being cowards about it, all right? ZDogg, out. Wait, wait, wait, wait, all right. Enough of this vague . March 5th, okay? We’re all gonna post what we think about vaccines, okay, as doctors, with the hashtag #DoctorsSpeakUp. We are gonna overwhelm the internet with positive education about the benefits of vaccines, all right? That’s that call, that’s the real call to action. I’ll be doing it, I expect you to do it too. If you don’t, I’ma find you, I’ma leave a bad Yelp review, okay? Couple bad Yelp reviews, and they’re all gonna have to do with what you’re wearing, and that’s the most hurtful type of Yelp review, all right? Zdogg, out.