Production Notes (from the files of famed producer DJ Muffintop):

Once in a while, in the career of a music producer such as myself, you strike gold.

Friday Parody Call DayOr at least molybdenum. That is exactly what happened to me when ZDoggMD and his boys Dr. Harry and Dr. Diego walked into my studio. With their receding hairlines, crow’s feet, and flabby musculature, they had a rampant sexuality reminiscent of a less attractive Fabulous Thunderbirds. I knew I had found the key to capturing the hearts of the elusive “over-90-years-old” demographic.

I tried to play it cool. “What can I do for you boys?”

ZDoggMD, the stocky frontman, stepped forward, emanating the kind of hair-on-the-back masculinity that is appealing to almost nobody. “We want to be stars!” he blurted.

“Every other pre-pubescent girl with a sub-par singing voice wants to be a star. What makes you think that you have what it takes?” I asked derisively.ZDoggMD Dr. Harry Call Day

Dr. Z’s initial bluster faded, and his eyes began to tear up. With an audible sob in his voice, he answered, “Sir, we may not have the talent, looks, or charisma…but we certainly have the hunger!” He closed his eyes, and whimpered softly, “I need to be famous!”

Dr. Harry shifted uncomfortably, and Dr. Diego appeared confused; he tapped ZDogg on the shoulder and whispered, “You told me we were going to Best Buy!”

If my screaming producer instincts were not enough to convince me to take them on right then and there as clients, their money certainly did the trick. Hoping to duplicate the mega-success of Rebecca Black’s music video Friday, I’ve allowed the good doctors to attach my illustrious name to their work, while giving them the privilege of writing, recording, producing, financing, and directing it on their own. The result, I’m sure you’ll all agree, is yet another DJ Muffintop masterpiece!


Call Day!

7AM steppin’ onto the unit
Gotta couple waitin’ in the ED
Gotta write some notes, gotta see some old folks
Stressin’, cause my pager’s howlin’
beeping on and on, everybody rushin’
Tryin’ to get down, to a Code Blue
I run the opposite way, but I see my intern…
Puttin’ in an IJ
Straight in the carotid
Lookin’ on the bright side
We got the ABG!
It’s Call Day, Call Day
Gonna get killed on Call Day
All the clinics dumpin’ patients for the weekend, weekend
Call Day, Call Day
Train wreck transfer OK’d
He was billed as stable, but this looks like VT!
Shock him then shock him again (clear!)
Shock him then shock him and then (clear!)
This never works as well as on TV…
2:45, I’m tryin’ to get some shuteye
Nurses keep pagin’ about bed 5
Ms. Lee can’t pee
Plus she’s lost her IV
I got this, she can’t piss, it’s time to place a Foley
You got this, please don’t miss, oh…it’s in her butt — HOLY!
Shock her then shock her again (clear!)
Shock her then shock her and then (clear!)
Are you supposed to shock sinus brady?
It’s Call Day, Call Day
Everyone wants Demerol day!
All the patients comin’ in and drug seekin’, seekin’
Call day, call day
Capped like Biggie Smalls, hey
Shoulda done dermatology like my daddy told me…
Yesterday was pre call
Today we are on call
We we we so darn tired
We so darn tired
We gonna flush our pager today!
Tomorrow we are post call
I’ll maybe, sleep afterwards
But I just want this call day to end!
Z-Dogg…and Doctor Harry!
I’m chillin’ here in Pedi
Get a call from the ED
Dumpin’ turfin’
Tight wheeze, febrile seize
Abscess on his side
Shooting by is some vomitus in front of me
Another sick tot with thick snot, wanna scream
Give a neb, it’s Call Day, we outta beds
I wanna go home, come on come on y’all!
It’s Call Day, Call Day
Gonna get kicked in the balls day
Everybody dumpin’ on us cause we’re in house and it’s
Call Day, Call Day
Shoulda gone into law, hey
But now I get to play with electricity
Shock him then shock him again (clear!)
Shock him then shock him and then (clear!)
Wish I could just use this thing on me…

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