ZVlogg 032 | Hospice Deep Dish

The last week has been insane, no other way to describe it. Nine performances, 3 cities, and 1 fantastic deep dish pizza consumed alone in a Chicago hotel room. Watch and get indigestion by proxy!

  • John Kraft

    Was great meeting with you in Vegas. Nice piece on hospice… It is a different ball game on this end of the spectrum.

  • Marybeth Wood

    RE TEAM WORK, NURSING AND LETS START A REVOLUTION\nSerious comments, ok here goes 1. Nursing instructors get paid doo doo, and they are responsible for teaching our young. 2. Nursing cant make a decision 2.3.4 or 5 year programs….this is exhausting. So the AMA creates new positions, in come the PA and the MA, cant begin to say what a cluster this has created. A six week to six month MA who works and states that they are nurses…..have fun with that in court CEO, or the PCT…band-aids. Last year a local hospital cut nursing salaries by 2%, say what? not all nurses mind you, just some…tah dah…angst amongst the ranks. Specialty nurses get more pay? really give me an ICU, a L &D, and ER, a CCU nurse and stick them in a med surg floor with 8,9, 12 patients…..yah good luck with that. WE do need a revolution. I am not satisfied with the fact that I no longer have to give my chair up to the doctor, I actually appreciate but shiver when a doc enters the ICU and asks me, what should I order….gulp. \nZDOGG, I love all you do, perhaps you are my last glimmer of hope when it comes to this morbid mess called health care. Oops wait a second I have to sign off for billing before they will see me today in the ER. ok, done. \nAnd then there is Correctional Health nursing, the field people see as boring or frightening. Try this on, Monday a Placentia abruptio, then a heart attack on Wednesday and two suicide attempts by hanging. Lets not talk about the chronic disease not managed, the fights, that 60 percent of people incarcerated are mentally ill, that we have no options for people when they leave jail. \nSo sign me up, or ill sign up on the band wagon to be a worker bee in the revolution, oh wait I may have been fighting this for 35 years now and its just getting worse.


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