Paging Dr. Google! (Dr. Bing is apparently on maternity leave)

Orlando hotel-room ruminations on the latest meme sweeping the internets. PLUS: an unexpected video bomb from the ZPupp.


5 Responses to “ZVlogg #016 | Dr. Google”

  1. Sherry Harvel

    i love you !! As an end stage chronically ill patient i always advise to only use dr google for “what to expect” when facing a procedure. All of us cardiac patients have GERD lmbo 😉

  2. Annie Robine

    You say it all so well!!! Awesome video!!

  3. Ashna Ayub

    So i had to rewind the video back 25 seconds because I was paying attention to your daughter dancing and not what you were saying.

  4. heidi

    I’m a nurse practitioner, my sister is an ER RN, and my mom is a retired RN…we have the BEST times watching your videos and laughing. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Jody Moss

    I use to work handling complaints at Cleveland Clinibc and Duke University Medical Center. Then became. United Way Director working on healthy community initiatives. I now work at an agency on aging helping people stay in their homes later in life and I serve on our local accountable community of health. I think I’ve lived Health 1.0, 2.0 and year for 3.0. What can I do to help?