Health 3.0 healthcare speaker Video ZDogg

Zubin Damania | The Doctors TV

The Doctor(z)

Wherein I sell out and go on daytime TV…TO PIMP HEALTH 3.0 ON THE DOCTORS, SON!

ZVlogg | Compliation |

Tha’ ZVlogg

A playlist containing EVERY ZVlogg episode in reverse chronologic order.

Shooting the Wake Up Documentary!

A Turntable Tale (of Two Documentaries)

A Morgan Spurlock and Michael Shaun Conway double documentary feature…on US!

ZDaddMD | ZPupp |

A ZFamily Holiday

The ZClan kicks it holiday style. Antics ensue—but you knew that already.

ZDoggMD and Devin Moore

ZDoggMD: The Tunes! (Download & Stream Here)

Download and stream all of ZDoggMD’s greatest hits. And his not-so-greatest hits too.

Ice Cube Challenge |

The Ice Cube Challenge

I couldn’t afford a whole BUCKET of ice, so…

ZMommMD Portrait

Meet ZMommMD!

ZMomm M.D. teaches Psych 101. The patient? An unsuspecting ZDadd.

The ZFamily, right after I told them we were leaving the Bay Area and moving to Las Vegas. So excited!

Kwanzaa Envy

A holiday greeting from ZDoggMD and Josh.0!

Downtown Dogg

Vegas Nerve 2: The Streets

ZDoggMD roams the streets of Downtown Las Vegas without a leash. Hope you brought some of them little blue poopy bags y’all, cause it’s about to get real!

ZPupp In Vegas!

Vegas, Baby!

ZDoggMD Industries is moving to Sin City. April Fools! Wait, what? We really are moving?

ZDoggMD Stand Up Comedy

ZDoggMD Live at Essentials 2011 (Part 1)

ZDoggMD stands up in front of 1300 rabid & dangerous ER docs at Mel Herbert’s 2011 Essentials of Emergency Medicine in San Francisco. Part 1 of 2.

Mrs. Dogg | ZPupps

Happy Holidays Homies!

Season’s greetings from our family to yours! Ho Ho Homies!

Put up yer Dukes

Clean U Outtakes

An alternative take on Dr. Harry’s megalomania.

Dr. Harry | ZDoggMD

Pediatrics Vs. Hospitalist: Who’s Harder?

Tired of playing Jazzy Jeff to my Fresh Prince, Dr. Harry is forced to throw down the gangsta gauntlet. Who’s harder? You decide!

The mysterious Z-Wife, revealed at last!

Meet Mrs. Dogg

Love and marriage, love and marriage…go together like MRSA and nasal carriage. My lovely wife…revealed at last!

Hip Hop Hijinks

What happens when this here hip hop hospitalist teams up with emergency medicine’s rising rap raconteur $TEMIllionaire? Icky Precordial Thump, a collaboration to span the specialties!

One in a million shot, docs, one in a million shot.

Bromancing the Stone

What do stand-up comedy, fatty French cuisine, extreme emergency medicine docs, and film PhD’s have in common? I don’t know, actually.


Radio Rounds Rappin’

In our ongoing efforts cauterizing the bleeding edge of technology, we push the boundaries once again with our latest interview. Includes the RadioRap. Blam!

Doctor Bobo, Simian Medical Assistant

Meet Dr. Bobo™

An elegant simian solution for our primary care crunch!

The ZPupp

NeoNate Dogg!

An owner’s manual for newborns, designed with fathers in mind. Who’s your Daddy? Probably the cable guy.

ZDadd MD | ZDoggMD

ZDadd MD: Episode 2

Turns out I had more goodness to extract from my original conversation with my pops, ZDaddMD. Apologies to coffee drinkers.

ZDadd MD | ZDoggMD

Meet ZDadd MD!

Ever since I first mentioned his old skool clinical skills, folks have been asking me to get my dad on YouTube. Be careful what you wish for, homies!


Hypertension: A Hip-Hop Odyssey

Once again, I join forces with Dr. Rob Orman of the emergency medicine podcast ERCast to rap about hypertension. Literally.

Sphincterpiece Theater

Sphincterpiece Theater

A dramatic interpretation of a profoundly undramatic piece of the medical record.

ZDoggMD Logo Design Contest!

It’s on! Design a logo for that’s slightly more awesome than placebo!

Puttin’ on the Hits

Download some of our greatest hits…free!

Slightly Funnier Than Placebo

Deep Thoughts, by ZDoggMD

ZDoggMD celebrates 1 year of attempting to be slightly funnier than placebo! A Journey into Megalomania…

A Salt with a Deadly Pepper


A salt on the senses! ZDoggMD teams up with Dr. Rob Orman for a legendary podcast on the most boring subject ever! Featuring my original rap anthem Hyponatrizzle…

Caesar's Coin

Stabbed In The Back

Remind me never to make videos when I’m post-call…a musical ode to the Ides of March.

Best New Medical Weblog of 2010!

Shock the Vote!

Thanks to your votes, Tha’ ZBlogg is crowned Best New Medical Weblog of 2010 @! Whoo hoo! One question: what’s a weblog?

ZDoggMD Takes Down Osama Bin Laden


The latest tape smuggled out of Wackistan by rogue physician, ZDoggMD!

Mrs. Dogg | ZPupps

Ho Ho Hospitalized

Twas the night before Christmas,
With an ambulance en route,
All the doctors were buzzing
About Santa and his gout.

A very merry X-mas from the ZDoggMD crew!

ZDoggMD on Vacation

The Lost Footage, Episode 1

I’ve compiled a smattering of scenes that didn’t make the cut, not because they weren’t good enough, but rather because we considered them TOO humorous at the time. Analogous to plutonium, this highly comedioactive material spontaneously decays over time into much lesser funniness (a process that can lead to nausea, sterility, and athlete’s foot). By now the stuff is largely inert and therefore safe for human viewing–for the most part.


ZDogg Bytes

Random thoughts, stuff that came up over the past week, and tweets from a twit.


Today’s Hospitalist

What? ZDoggMD in a legitimate hospitalist publication? Another small victory in the battle to advance the cause of evidence-based comedy.

TechCrunch 600 300

TechCrunchTV and ZDoggMD!

How Could It Be
That ZDoggMD
Is on TechCrunchTV?

Join me, loyal readers, as I weave for you a tale of many wonders…including, but not limited to, hemorrhoids.


(Slightly) Funnier Than Placebo

A Halloween trick or treat (mostly the former). Coming straight to …Betamax!

Cowabunga Dr. Harry

Diagnosis: Delicious!

You heard right, folks! Dr. Harry and I somehow convinced our wives that a joint family vacation to Puerto Vallarta would be light on the loco and heavy on the family time. They should have known better–we didn’t bring the video camera just to catch footage of our kids’ explosive diarrhea! No ma’am, this was to be a working vacation.


Potty Mouth

The inaugural episode of our medical research review News Per Rectum (NPR). Discussed are pregnancy, contagious obesity, and stool transplants.

Full Frontal

Full Frontal

Up all night at the hospital, I decided palm the camera, flip it around to catch my haggard mug, and just let ‘er stream full tilt. Let iMovie sort the mess later.


Undead and Uninsured

With all the vampire mania going on with the kids these days I figured it was time to open a discourse on the subject as it impacts medicine. And yes, I just used the phrase “kids these days” in contradiction to all my childhood bluster that such a phrase would never leave my lips when I grew up. Stuff it, childhood Z.


Colon Wars

STAY ON TARGET! This video is now required viewing for new GI fellows at my institution.