That’s right folks! Just finished my internal medicine recertification boards, so that means it’s time for some more ZCards…collect them all, trade them with your friends! And don’t forget to invite me to rap at your event…I GOTS to get paid, yo (Monopoly money acceptable)!

Chuck Norris Funny Medical Meme | ZDoggMD
Dr. Chuck Norris FTW
Internist Funny Medical Meme | ZDoggMD
Why doctors don’t put in urinary catheters.
Asian Dad Funny Medical Meme | ZDoggMD
Aw, demanding Asian Dad, you are adorable!
Dr. Oz Funny Medical Meme | ZDoggMD
One Quack to Fool Them All!
Hypertension Funny Meme | ZDoggMD
The REAL reason the dinosaurs went extinct? Hypertensive retinopathy.
WKRP…in my right upper molar.
Funny Yoda Meme | ZDoggMD
Stool leads to anger…anger leads to ileus…and ileus leads to obstipation.
Homebirth Funny Meme | ZDoggMD
Sorry hippies! Just keeping it real.
Pharma Funny Meme | ZDoggMD
Blam! How you like me now, Pfizer?

5 Responses to “ZCards: Part Deuce”

  1. Kelly

    Yoda reminds me of the Mantra For Theraputic Enemas: hang it high, hot and helluva lot!

    • TB Rech

      Ah…the mantra when I worked on an Ortho floor, Kelly!

  2. Lorrie

    Oh Z, I had to tell you this–a single mom with three adopted kids from China who lives in hippie land in Anchorage Alaska is caring for her poor 15 year old with MUMPS. Kid is utterly miserable. She was immunized but the doc told them “with the herd immunity going away, we are just going to have to expect more of this.”. So furious right now. Also I have bronchitis and the first round of antibiotics did not work, so back to antibiotics and probiotics. Peace out!!\nMad & miserable sucks!

  3. Lorrie

    But CONGRATS on your boards!!!!


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