Whoa. It’s 2011 already, and it’s been 8 months since our little internet adventure was launched. Crazy! Thanks to all who have supported us in our insanity thus far. Spread the word in tha’ 0-1-1!

I’d thought we’d ring in the New Year with my latest rambling thoughts on health care rationing along with an ill-fated foray into foreign policy. I wrote and taped this all in 1 hour, so excuse the fact that it:

1. Sucks.

2. Will offend almost everyone.

It’s satire people! Just remember, when issuing your fatwa, the correct spelling of my real name is “DOCTOR OZ.”

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 5/1/2011 Looks like US Special Ops pulled the plug on Osama Bin Laden! I guess he won’t be developing stage III decubitus ulcers in the US health care system after all…

  • Like some of the ideas, but..\n\n1. Instead of elderly naming their price how about doctors naming their price. Then again maybe that is happening with medical tourism. I can do that new hip replacement for …..$ \n\n2. Hippocratic oath do no harm. So maybe instead of the US spending more on their military than China, Russia, India, Europe and South America combined, we spend some on our citizens and ratio the military.

  • Eustice Seeney

    ZDogg\n\nHavin’ harvested gator kidney’s at my cousin Clem’s kidney farm this’d be a right good idea. The price IS right and as far as primus non nocere, they done clipped Clem’s medical wings some time ago for laxative abuse.

    • I think I once awoke in a tub full of ice with a note from Clem stuck to my back. Guess he’d branched out into human kidney…

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    Love the Price is Right and torturing Osama to life (sic) in a nursing home, on dialysis, unable to do basic human functions independently. \nI spend every day watching 80 year olds get open heart surgery (combined, redo AVR/MVR/TVR). A total buzz kill thinking I am making a difference. Of course I think if people realized that yes, it is going to be worse after we fix that valve you’ve lived with for 80 years, maybe they wouldn’t go through with it! \nIn the immortal words of the Christian Rock Band, Stryper: “Honesty, is hardly ever heard….” and mostly what people need to hear……..

    • Wow, you had me at Stryper. “To Hell…with The Devil!” Awesome comment, thanks.

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