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August, 2011: This past week was marked by the auspicious birth of our second baby girl, clocking in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and packing a cry reminiscent of a tortured manatee. With all the sleep deprivation and projectile vomitus, some suckaz might think that I’d take an extended hiatus from the ZDoggMD enterprise to help the long-suffering Mrs. DoggMD. Wrong! If I did that, well, the newborn wins…

In any case, annoying daddy blogs are the next big thing—and I GOTS to get me a piece of that action. After all, I’m a daddy AND a doc, so I can spit game about newborn care from both angles. Sure, I only treat adults—but as they say in medical school (in my case the presitgious Pyongyang College of Medicine and Subsistence Farming), children are just little adults. Plus, that pesky restraining order expired two weeks ago. Look out kids under 5, ZDogg’s back!

Yo, thanks to the OTHER Dr. Ruth for this week’s end-credits logo! And thanks to Hugh Harvey for the title suggestion!

13 Responses to “NeoNate Dogg!”

  1. kristy

    Very amusing. Funnier than the average bear. Being warped helps in surviving as a physician. I bet you charm the elderly ladies in your practice.

    • ZDoggMD

      With the older ladies, it helps to talk like a 1920’s era gangster. “Listen here, lady, them gams are real swollen, see!” Unfortunately, my accent makes me sound more like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.

  2. Liz Ditz

    Awesome. \n\nI see your older daughter has your comedic talents. I can also see that their mother is beautiful, cause well I will stop talking now.

  3. Camille

    Dr Z, congrats on your beautiful little girl!

  4. Gudrid

    Congrats! Your daughter is lovely. 🙂 Also, exactly the same birth weight as my 3 month old was (aren’t coincidences fun?). I agree that we need more daddy dogg bloggin’. I need all the pointers I can get. 😉

  5. ButDoctorIHatePink

    You don’t look near tired enough. Med school trained you well.\n\nCongratulations and thanks for the laugh!

  6. Assdoc2k

    Congrats to you and the Mrs., ZDogg ! Having no children of my own, I am nonetheless very generous with parenting advice. Just the other day, I was telling a friend of mine to medicate her newborn with Benadryl as an alternative to the much messier “furrbee-izing” or whatever else they’re recommending these days. Have you noticed that when you give advice to non-medical types they sometimes look at you blankly as if they don’t know whether or not you’re joking?

  7. Marci

    don’t forget to check the nipples to make sure they have a hole cause if not that baby will be mad. We couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t drink it even took her to the pediatrician, she told us the nipple was melted shut. lol live and learn.



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