Everybody knows that healthcare is way broken. And those who claim it isn’t are either financially dependent on the status quo, or are trapped in some medically-induced delirium. The days of Health 1.0 (physician-autonomy, minimal transparency, paternalism rampant) are nearly gone, and its unworthy successor Health 2.0 (medicine as machine, as assembly line, as administrative technocracy with caregivers and patients as commodities) is sucking the life out of everyone while still managing to bankrupt us — all while producing some really crappy outcomes.

So the time has come to stop bitching and start exploring diverse visions, stories, and bright spots in hopes of forging a new way of caring — one that transcends both the paternalism, protectionism, and profiteering of Health 1.0 AND the depersonalization, dehumanization, and commodification of Health 2.0. Let’s stop wasting resources waging a futile war between Health 1.0 and 2.0 because BOTH are partly right, and mostly wrong.

It’s time we restored the primacy of the human relationship—that sacred analog heart of medicine—while re-personalizing care for that unique patient in front of us. It’s time we support each other as fellow caregivers, all of us integral and practicing at the top of our licenses—as a team. It’s time to be evidence-empowered but no longer evidence-enslaved. It’s time to get paid to just do the right thing for our unique patient, while enlisting science and technology to simultaneously personalize care and account for the larger systemic good. Think old skool record player, but amplified by the dopest digital technology. Compassion will be the standard of care, for our patients but also for ourselves are caregivers. Sound like a pipe dream? It’s not. It’s already here in fits and starts and it’s ultimately on US — the frontline caregivers — to make it stick and grow from the grassroots upward to the C-Suite and government. It’s time for Health 3.0. 

We need to work together as clinicians, patients, administrators, businesspeople, and government. Make YOUR voice heard by joining the Health 3.0 Tribe on Facebook.

Don’t ever lose yourself in the system, the moment, we own it, we better never let it go…time to #unbreakhealthcare.




Written and Performed by ZDoggMD

Audio Engineering/Mixing/Audio Track Design by Devin Moore

Directed by Tom Hinueber

Director of Photography, Logan Stewart

Edited by Logan Stewart, ZDoggMD, and Tom Hinueber

Starring: ZDoggMD (aka Dr. Zubin Damania), Reagan Pfifer (as The Doctor), Allison Andersen APRN, Stephanie Lapid BSN/RN, Paula McDermott RT, Kim Peterson RT, Randy Bess MD, Iggie Tanone MD, Daisyrose Lopez RN, Logan Stewart, and several other docs, nurses, and administrators who have yet to email me their names (please do, STAT!)

Based on the original “Lose Yourself” by the legendary Eminem.

(And special thanks to our muse, Holly Spring, and to athenahealth for their partnership and efforts)

LookrnrnIf you hadrnrnOne shotrnrnOr one opportunityrnrnTo unbreak healthcare.rnrnIn this momentrnrnWould you capture itrnrnOr just let it slip?rnrn rnrnYornrnHer palms are sweaty, gloves tight, arms unsteadyrnrnThere’s vomit on her scrubs already, Room 4’s spaghettirnrnShe’s nervous, and so the nurses, they look on with pityrnrnShe won’t stop, student loan default ain’t prettyrnrnSo she clicks on, her inbox grows so loudrnrnShe opens the chart but the labs won’t be foundrnrnShe’s choking now, while the patient’s holding outrnrnTo connect, but how? Time’s up, over — BLAOWrnrn rnrnHCAHPS is reality, oh, the Press Ganey meansrnrnThose depressed ladies get hosed with those valiumrnrnHolding hands with ‘em? No code for that, meaning she don’trnrnGet jack, paperwork stacked and stacked on ‘emrnrnHeartbroke, she’s so sad, system broken so bad that she knowsrnrnWhen she thinks back to that oath she took that’s when it’srnrnBack to the goal again, Yo! She ain’t selling her soulrnrnTime to wake up and unbreak it, Yornrn rnrnDon’t ever lose yourself in the system, the moment,rnrnyou wishin’ you shoulda gone to business schoolrnrnYou only get one shot, do not let them crush your soulrnrnYou should be proud to be workin’ that IV polernrn rnrnDon’t ever lose yourself in the system, the moment,rnrnyou wishin’ they woulda told you this in schoolrnrnYou only get one shot, let doctors be doctors yornrncuz it’s a calling you got so don’t let it gornrn rnrnNo more games, unbreak this, cuz we got playedrnTear this muthaclickin’ crap off, yo ants meet RaidrnIt was noble in the beginnin’, the mood all changedrnWe been chewed out and split up by suits all dayrnBut we kept whinin’ and kept tryin’ to step backwardsrnTime for uniting and writing the next chaptersrnAssembly line grind is fine to build tractorsrnrnThe “why” we strive, hiding behind these distractorsrnTrying to define quality via these lame factorsrnrnTime to rise up, make a stand, cause God damn, we can’t work no fasterrnrnHealthcare’s no movie, but plenty of bad actorsrnrnThis is our time, but our dreams are so scarredrnrnAnd it’s just like Harry Potter tryna lead but gotta concede, fear’srnrnA Teeter totter, caught up between being a doctor and a decent fatherrnrnThat Obama drama bleeding on and too muchrnrnFor us to wanna stay in this spot, our scalpels fraying this knotrnrnTogether, with our patients this entire team has gotrnrnTo formulate a plot ‘fore our whole economy’s shotrnrnSuccess is our only therapeutic option, failure’s notrnrnGasping for breath, so our inhalers got to flow, no we will not hold, we won’t be stoppedrnrnHealth 3.0’s is our shotrnrnHospitals, Nurses and Docs, this maybe the only opportunity that we gotrnrn rnrnDon’t ever lose yourself in the system, the moment, you own it, you better never let it gornrnYou only get one shot, do not bow to status quornrnThis opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yornrn rnrnDon’t ever lose yourself in the system, the moment, we own it,rnrnWe better never let it gornrnWe only get one shot, do not miss this chance to growrnrnThis opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yornYou can do anything you set your mind to, doc

14 Responses to “Lose Yourself”

  1. Craig Kirk

    Dang…..strong work.

  2. MD.Lovejoy

    Haha..eating dinner out of plastic tray as I watch this ! So the lady doc in this video looks almost like me. \nLove that you ad this. Inspired. You are truly making a big wave. You make it look easy but of course what you do takes tremendous courage and fortitude. \nAs I drove to work at the large old hospital, happened to drive by the marble flashy office building a few miles away, realized it’s the administration offices for the company that owns the hospital. \nMade me think we doctors and nurses very much like modern slaves. Similar chains around us unless we can pay way out, no say in lives, abused for profit or sport. \nStill the spirit of Healthcare is strong \nOur only hope is to unite. \nBless you and your family.

  3. Judith Baillie

    ZDoggMD forget how your videos came to me via You Tube. They made me laugh, and say Oh No he just didn’t! But this video is significant! ICD-10 and EHR are not going away, everyone needs to accept this, at least we can read the notes now and most importantly orders. So as much as everyone hates EHR, I hated more looking at the order sheet trying to figure out from the provider’s chicken scratch what medications are being ordered. And, having worked in Oncology not be able to clearly read orders is a deadly game.\n\nThe problem is healthcare is complex and trying to integrate all facets of possible care rendered and make a workable EHR is near impossible.\nThe government mandated through law & CMS the conversion and adoption of these two items…but the lawmakers are clueless about what it will take to make this successful. The the DoD has been trying longer than anyone to have a workable EHR and they struggle after TENS of BILLIONS of tax payers money and still does not integrate all services. So if the military has spent this much money and they still do not have a totally integrated EHR across all modalities, inpatient and outpatient services what chance does civilian facilities have?\nWe need less interns and residents going into specialties and go into primary care instead! Primary care providers need to be paid more and specialist need to be paid less. Or everyone needs to be salary. American has the most expensive health care in the world but we do not even rank near the top for quality of care. The sad, part is if someone gets into medical school they will graduate and then when as a intern or resident they are found to not meet standards…are they peered out…NO…they are just watched and still become boarded medical doctors. It is a sad system.\n\nKeep making the videos. I love it when you are live streaming.

  4. Michael Greer


  5. GinnyBee

    Zdogg! I have no words! You summed it up perfectly. As a Hospitalist, I get chewed up and spit out QD. The suits run it all. Clinical decisions are no longer up to just us, people with no medical knowledge formulate bogus guidelines that we are forced to follow. I wish I could say more, but these days the internet is heavily monitored. Suffice it to say, you are very talented and you “get it”

      • GinnyBee

        #madlove Are you still in practice?

        • ZDoggMD

          Yes, but much less clinical work than in the old days. Otherwise there’d be even less time for rhymes 😉

          • GinnyBee

            I’m trying to play it cool, but I’m kinda star struck! Been following your rhymes for several years, so it’s awesome you’re writing back in real time! OK, pulse check… I just got off my 7th 12 hour shift so celebrating by doing DC summaries and listening to your music!

          • GinnyBee

            Also, star struck in the most respectful way. I know you’re married and have a lovely family 😉

  6. camille

    There is no code to bill for the time spent holding a patient with schizophrenia who is crying because the voices want to hurt him… but also no better way to live your life. Don’t lose yourself. Thank you, Dr. Z!

  7. Cindylouwho

    I’m a former EMT, but now I am a patient with a serious heart problem. So after two open heart surgeries to repair the birth defect, I run into being just a number all the time. I must be my own advocate and luckily I have enough education to ask the proper questions and approach my healthcare as a member of a team, not just someone at the mercy of hospital policy. I had to shop around for forward thinking physicians like you in order to protect myself from the system. However, I have met many people in my journey that are lost and uninformed and most of them die without ever having a say. Please keep up your inspirational work. My sister is a nurse, my aunt, my nieces – all nurses. I can tell you this, being in the medical profession or being a firefighter is not about what you do for a living – it’s about who you are. So, keep it up! Health 3.0 sounds good to me.

  8. Michelle Shepherd

    Its time to take Healthcare back from the insurance companies mandating patient care and return it to the clinicians.

  9. Amanda

    I have a lantern tattoo on the inside of my left arm. And I am opening my own practice in very rural, Southeast Iowa. This was my facebook post today:

    So often I am asked “why a lantern?” Well as 2017 comes to an end, I want to answer this in depth.

    A lantern is a tool. It is useless on its own. It must be filled with fuel. It must be lit by a spark or flame. And it must be carried. All of that requires WORK from a person. Lanterns, when used properly, dispel the darkness, shine light on the way to go and help you navigate the path safely. But again, they do not do the WORK for you.

    My clinic has the motto “lighting the path to healing.” My education, extensive training and clinical skills are important offerings to the community. But my clinic has a much higher goal. I want to be your “light” or “lantern” more than I want to be just your doctor. I want to be a tool, a resource, available to the residents of Van Buren County and surrounding areas. I want to help dispel darkness and fear and misinformation. I want to shine a light on solutions that were unknown or unseen to you. I want to walk beside you and help you navigate the complicated path towards whole body health.

    BUT….I will not…no…I cannot…do the work that is necessary for you to achieve healing and good health. This may hard to understand as it is a very different way of approaching medical care. I don’t want to react only to illness (though I do that too). I want to work with you to prevent illness. I want to help you manage and control your diagnoses rather than let those conditions control you. I want to approach you as a whole person who lives in a family, in a community and help you find your own way rather than tell you how to get there.

    My clinic will offer preventative services, sick visits, chronic disease care, well child exams and other basic medical care. But I also plan to offer more than just that. I plan to offer education workshops to the community, such as presentations at NEST or HeadStart. I have applied to become a car seat technician so I can stay up to date on vehicle safety and I will be able to do car seat checks for organizations or families. I am taking a class on using food as medicine and how to create diet based changes for long term health. I offer home visits for illness or chronic disease care. I hope to start offering home visits to moms with newborns to reduce risk of illness for Mom and baby. I plan to offer assistance to families on accessing appropriate educational resources including applying for IEP or 504 services, as well as staff education on important topics such as management of severe allergies or classroom emergencies.

    My clinic will be a true community clinic. My focus will be the communities of Van Buren County and surrounding areas. We will grow together. And I am so excited to share this with all of you!!!

    Healthcare 3.0 is me being a partner, but refusing to do the work for my patient. I also refuse to do the work for the insurance companies. Because I am so small at this point, I do not have to meet any of the Medicare/Medicaid quality guidelines. I am very good at what I do. But I also hold patients accountable. And I am not afraid to say no. I am with you on this!!!!


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