Should the press have been the ones to bring to light charges that the USC School of Medicine Dean was as serial drug abuser?

We delve into what went wrong, the culture of coverup in academics, and whether health care professionals should be held to a higher standard. Read the news article. Watch the Facebook Live video and lend your voice in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Should the USC Med School Dean Have Been Exposed?”

  1. Mati

    I do think the point that chronic drug use likely changes brain chemistry is of great concern. Having served on the med exec board of a small rural hospital, I have witnessed 2 things: 1) when docs go bad, no one wants to get involved in the time/expense of a lawsuit (both sides (the hospital and the docs)). Discipline is frequently done with the goal of just getting the doc to leave the hospital rather than truly expose the potential malpractice, etc. 2) HIPAA and privacy rules greatly limit what can be done and notification of others (or are used as excuses to push things under the rugs…..not being a lawyer, they may be used in appropriately but are used as an excuse).

  2. Beth Rodgers

    This person is a power addict. Also,men are much more protected than women in the medical professional.