South Asians are total gunners — when it comes to getting heart disease and diabetes.

Dr. Ronesh Sinha has learned a lot from working with this population, and he joins us today to share some broadly applicable lessons. Bottom line: each individual is their own study, and we need work individually to find a diet and lifestyle solution that works for us. Watch our Facebook Live video and lend your voice in the comments, and SHARE!

Check out Dr. Ron’s book The South Asian Health Solution. I read it and learned a lot (much of which can be applied beyond the South Asian community).

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3 Responses to “Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?? w/Dr. Ron Sinha”

  1. Rachel Ferraris

    I really enjoyed this interview and found it very informative. Having had a diagnosis of PCOS for over 13 years now I was told it was incurable and that I’d be on metformin the rest of my life. I’ve adapted fine to the medication and have very few of the PCOS symptoms anymore. I am very interested in Dr. Sinha’s claim that it is reversable and completely related to diet. I am not sure I fall into the group that diet would fix my condition because we only found it as a issue after years of diet & exercise didn’t change a thing. (the failure of such leading me to go to a doctor and get an internal ultrasound.) I am finding a lot of conflicting information about what type of diet would “cure” PCOS. Some say low GI, Ketogenic diets claim to cure it, as well as a number of other sites out there with a focus on fertility. Any validity to all of these claims? Or would you encourage a trail and error test on myself to see which one works the best? Also, I am hesitant to go off the metformin. When is a good time within a diet test to start decreasing your prescribed medication. Thanks for reading and I love your shows. Very informative and funny.
    [email protected]

  2. Nirav Patel

    I am buying this book Fat-a-Fat. Thanks guys for telling us the truth! Dr. credibility sucks right now b/c all our info comes from an increasingly unreliable source. Keep it up with the great guests.


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