3 Responses to “Health 3.0 & The Beautiful Dream”

  1. Jessica Clark

    Loved the podcast. I learned a lot from the thorough explanation of where we have been and where we are going in Healthcare. It is important to understand how we got here if we want to have a chance to make changes for the better. Thank you for your dedication to this cause.

  2. Blair

    As a pediatrician, whose primary professional joy and talent is my ongoing, long term relationship with patients, I do see the value of big data being part of 3.0. I won’t remember if one of my typical moderate asthmatics has made that routine follow up to review medications, asthma triggers, etc– I need infrastructure to identify and reach out to the family. I believe to my core the importance of the therapeutic relationship. The family has to trust me both when I recommend an intervention or medication–no one wants their 18 month old daughter catheterized when she has unexplained fevers–but also when we need to not give antibiotics for a viral uri or not do a head CT (with 20 x rays worth of radiation) for every headache. How does big data quantify the cost effectiveness of relatively rare but important events that I have prevented over the years, e.g. Head trauma from wearing a helmet, near drowning by convincing to put a fence around their pool, teen suicide, drug use or pregnancy? With all the scary misinformation on the internet, I have to convince vaccine-fearful parents to make what we know is the right decision to vaccinate. I know this is literally self centered, but after 25 years of practice I believe wholly in the medical home as the start of designing 3.0

  3. Nirav Patel

    This post is pure gold! A must listen for any person with a pulse. I like the boat idea. Adminstration walks the plank!


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