It’s time to take a good, hard look at whether those yearly health exams actually improve outcomes for “healthy” folks.

As always, there’s mixed data and considerable nuance here, so we try to cut through it to the key points.

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3 Responses to “Annual Physical Exams Are Killing Us”

  1. David Harper, RRT

    What do you recommend for over 50 folks out there who haven’t had a thorough screening.

  2. Robin Szalay

    My yearly physical years ago showed my cholesterol levels going bad, so I changed and yearly I see I am doing good. My husband’s yearly physical showed a slightly high cholesterol and over the last 10 years it going up and triglycerides big jump. Started medicine and 6 months later he is in normal levels.
    Establishing long term tracking of health can help. I test yearly for diabetes, family hx of it. Pap smear yearly, had cancer scare 20 years ago. Mammogram yearly for last 8 years. Colonoscopy done, found and removed polyps.
    All these tests require a doctor order.

  3. Karen Curry

    I politely disagree on the annual exam. Diagnosed with major depression 2001, then hit with two autoimmunes in 2010. Controlling what I can with food and exercise, I go in annually to make sure bloods good and meds working. Even when your car works good, you still change the oil and rotate the tires.