Justice for Alex Wubbels? And tragedy for Northern Cali.

Also: the #WineSnobChallenge, MGMA and the future of Health 3.0, Tad finally gets a partner, Harvey Weinstein is gross AF, and more.

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4 Responses to “Utah Detective Who Arrested Nurse Fired, California Also Fired”

  1. MaryU

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you but It is always the DR and nurses that are “there” (appreciate both of them) but there are a lot of other health care givers that respond. I am think maybe some RT’s were there when the LV victims came in, Henry etc. I am guessing they needed xrays, lab work, transport, rooms cleaned, Be nice if once in a while you acknowledge that with out this people the nurses and DR’s and PT would be screwed

    • ZDoggMD

      You may LOVE LOVE LOVE us but you clearly don’t WATCH WATCH WATCH our shows or videos regularly. We are always celebrating all aspects of the team including RT, rad techs, housekeeping, and even (gasp) administration. You pick on the one episode where I kept it brief, but I think you miss what we are about here.

  2. MaryU

    PS we too get burnout

  3. Allen Ditto

    Hey, I like the ZDOGG!!! A hero to me.

    However, “fuck, motherfucker” and all variables of the same should be reserved for discussing the EHR, hospital administrators, Press Ganey statistics, the Utah detective, our current president, etc. Cool it in casual talk!

    Keep on keeping on otherwise!

    Kindest regards,

    Allen W. Ditto, M.D.