Once again, a late night entertainer gets us thinking about politics and health care. Are we asking the right questions at all?

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4 Responses to “Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby is Entitled AF”

  1. Epador

    Jimmy need to check his entitled media hack privilege.

  2. Dawn Marie

    Good to know that if you’re famous, and have LOTS of money, you’re going to get on your TV soapbox and argue entitlement for your son…meanwhile those that have children that are just as important, can’t even get the kind of care they need…way to go there, Jimmy, way to go..take your ass and sit down! UGH!

  3. James Mullins

    No govt grants for research .

  4. akageorge

    Explain to me if I’m not getting this right, but I watched the show when Kimmel spoke about his son, and I understood him to say yes, his child would be cared for because he’s lucky enough to have money, but those who aren’t as lucky should still be able to get the same life-saving care.


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