Will declaring the opioid crisis a federal emergency help, or is it too little, too late?

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  • KissMyGrits

    Let me remind you that Obama said his grandmother (and other elderly) should have been given pain meds instead of an expensive operation. Obama (and Hillary) “evolved” on many things. “You can keep your doctor/plan” shows integrity? The opioid problem did not begin on 1/20/17.

    • Lori

      I love grits!

      • KissMyGrits

        Remeber, the salt must be added when cooking or they do not taste right. Adding afterwards does not get the same results. Replace some of the water with milk for a creamer texture. Only northerners put sugar on grits, yuck. And don’t forget the butter.

  • Beth Rodgers

    I have previously thought that you had some smarts. Today’s presentation reveals you as just plain stupid.

  • dr_chagnon

    Unbelievably ignorant statements. Do you realize you come across as saying the main benefit of opiates is to dull psychic pain? Do you spend any time whatsoever with people in actual pain? Failed spine syndrome, RSD, PHN, etc. With YOUR rhetoric (yeah, we’re all “butthurt” if we disagree with you) you disregard volumes of excellent research (much done at your alma mater UCSF) and actual suffering. You have never given sufficient recognition to people who manage to live their lives, productive lives, on stable doses of medications. Your description of people getting opiates for a hangnail is insulting and offensive to my patients who are doctors, lawyers, business owners, and come from every walk of life. Please take a look at the increasing suicide rates among those being cut off or drastically reduced on their medications. Where is your outrage about the CDC “guidelines” that were based on NO science and were never intended to be targeting pain doctors? You appear to think most pain is psychic and people need to buck up and deal with it–you ignore the research done about increased tumor growth rates in uncontrolled pain, reduced immune function, sleep impairment (with all the attendant risks thereof), an 8-fold increase in suicide risk, and a number of other ramifications. Where is your righteous indignation about the statistics that include illicit substances with prescription medication? Why don’t you do anything to balance your biased presentations against opiates and your low regard for chronic pain patients?

  • Our3sons

    I have failed spine syndrome. I had a l4 l5 s1 laminectomy fusion? That is a mouthful. I had my tail bone removed. I had my left lower lobe of my lung removed for pulmonary nodules. I have doctors trying to choke me out on pain meds every time I go to the doctor. I luckily am also very stubborn and wilful and psych myself out of anything or will myself to get thru just about anything. I had to get pissed and get myself and push my limits to find what am I able to do and what am I not physically. There are highly educated folks that give a convincing argument of why I should take a lot of pills to have the freedom to live and work again full time. I bought in to it for a bit until I seen my precious child hood best friend become an addict and eventually die. I remember being in the e.r. with her one time after she had messed her arms up shooting up… and in the next exam area a man was physically assaulting the staff for not giving him pain meds. I cried a lot that day. I listen to gangster rap and metal when the pain is high. It distracts me and makes me feel like a badass that can handle it. I know there are people out there starting the process of discograms and injections that can be a statistic of opiod deaths in a year or two. I went back to school while on disability. I want to help people somehow. I tried to work for a doc office last fall. The other nurses talking about the patients left a very sour taste in myself. I went to school because of my experience as a patient.

    • Lori

      People are truly in pain, and need opioids for this, however you have to watch them closely monitor dosage and care. Don’t just give them a bottle with an unlimited refill and send them out on their own.
      I was in ICU with a major injury and knocked out on morphine most of the time, and hell yea I liked it, it felt good for about three days, but I was in a hospital bed with IVs in both arms so I told my nurses dope me up and I’ll give you no worries, they did.
      When it was time to leave they had weaned me off so well that on my return home and at the pharmacy I had a little hope that I’d have script for pain, but there wasn’t and I understood what I was feeling. “Oh yes you want this cause you’ve gotten a little addicted; go home have a glass of wine and forget about it or have six if that’s what it takes but don’t you dare ask for a script”
      And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • Lori

    Hey Dudes,
    It’s not like Obama was “Johnny on the spot” on any of these issues, but of course we can’t say anything bad about his presidency due to his nationality.
    Now after eight years stifling our opinions,we can finally laugh at the president. Feels good, and he’s a riot and lots to laugh at, however I can’t agree that he’s so wrong on many issues. He may have tiny hands but he’s got bigger balls than Obama.