Man, are we tired of this fabricated vaccine debate. We’d love to stop talking about it.

And just when we think things might be getting better, BOOM. Another reminder of the evil that these people are capable of. We discuss the newest measles outbreak in Minnesota and the targeting of the Somali immigrant population there by anti vaccine clowns.

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One Response to “Minnesota Measles and the True Face of Evil”


    Sorry, but there is PLENTY of data and research that shows links between vaccinations and chronic health problems including neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, and impaired renal function just to name a few. ANYTHING that you put into your body has the POTENTIAL to cause harm so YOU are the dangerous one for falsely stating that vaccines are always safe.. If something like peanut butter or shrimp, in the most minuscule amounts, can cause anaphylactic reactions and even being FATAL, how could you in good conscience say that vaccinesare completely safe?? Please quit labeling educated, well meaning people as ANTI- VAXXERS.. we are looking out for the well-being of our loved ones and people in general just as much those that are Pro vaccine.. some of us aren’t “anti vaccine”, but are for people having that right to make INFORMED educated decisions for ourselves and our children. Seems odd that people should have the right to kill a human growing inside their body, yet we don’t have the right to protect ourselves from the potentially harmful substances in vaccines. It’s a very twisted world we live in..


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