Dr. Dipak Desai ran a colonoscopy mill in Vegas, cutting corners, reusing syringes and instruments, and infecting dozens with hepatitis C resulting in 2 deaths.

He recently died of a stroke in prison. What can we learn from his story? Health 1.0, fee for service mis-incentives, the role of staff and whistleblowers, and the betrayal of the community by a trusted caregiver.

This episode was streamed live from Hollywood, CA where ZDoggMD is lobbying for Dr. Desai to get a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Shame.

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2 Responses to “Crooked Vegas GI Doc Dies In Jail”

  1. Shey Stolz

    Dr.Z..Ive been a LPN for 22yrs and worked in DOC and Tulsa Co Jail.Recently,there was a suit brought against Tulsa Co..for allowing a man with a broken neck to die,care was witheld.Please check out the video of this horrific occurance.Will you please address this horrifiying issue of the medical fraud and ineptness..especially physicans that are controlled by the private corporations.I was terminated for sending a offender to the hospital..he had a quad-bypass,was in extreme distress with an abnormal ekg..I had a doctor order but could not reach my DON for permission.I do not regret saving a mans life.No one really wants to address this problem because the patients are offenders,its sickening!

  2. Rowan Edwards

    You have a beautiful soul….bless you and your family!!!!!