Nevada will shortly be rolling out the nation’s first clean needle vending machines for injection drug addicts.

The kits include 10 syringes and a disposal unit, as well as wound cleaning supplies and other items. Some find this abhorrent and enabling, others see it as necessary and compassionate harm reduction. We discuss both sides, LIVE from Sin City itself!

Here’s a short article on the rise of the machines.

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5 Responses to “Needle Vending Machines for Addicts?!?”

  1. Sean Dolan

    I think Zdogg is addicted to the Internet

  2. Cricket Brown

    I think you should be surgeon General ZDogg

  3. Epador

    Needle Exchange Programs that require the user to bring back their used syringes in a safe disposal container may be helpful. 90 miles South of Las ZDogg, our desert washes where addicts dry camp and cook meth are littered with needles/syringes. A vending machine full of fresh syringes isn’t going to change that except perhaps to make it worse.

  4. Staci Kay Fair

    Love the video, you present the facts and perspectives well. I am an RN in recovery. 2 years sober from opioids. This is great that you are addressing this true crisis. Wouldn’t it be great if the needles could be designed to change colors if fentanyl is present? Just sayin…..

  5. DJ

    ZDoggMD have you read Johann Hari’s book “Chasing The Scream” The first and last days of the war on drugs? I think you would appreciate how it summarizes a lot of research and explains how it all started and how several countries have ended the war on drugs. If you don’t have time to read the book, take an hour an listen to the Probably Science Podcast that interviewed Johann Hari.