4 Responses to “Doc Vader vs. United Airlines (and Incident Report 014)”

  1. Katy Jo Griffin Gockel

    In no way does it justify United actions! His history has nothing to do with it. Maybe some would just comply, but not complying does not warrant a beating. He was not puting anyone in danger. He was viciously attacked.

  2. kidmodel

    These whining, snot nosed ‘defenders of Dao’ would be the FIRST ONES to scream ‘outrage’ if he turned out to be a shoe/underwear/laptop bomber. They’d all be howling about how the airlines isn’t protecting them against lunatics. Dao behaved like a LUNATIC- Mental Case. So, Shut up. Vader is the only sane one on that flight. PS – why don’t we see/hear from Dao’s wife during this melee? She was onboard the flight with him. Perhaps because she KNOWS he is a freaking whack job? Dude – obey the air marshalls and gethef OFF the plane! But no – he is special so he gets to emit bloodcurdling screams BEFORE HE IS EVEN TOUCHED and then run back and forth through the aisles yelling ‘just kill me’? Yeah, this is a well behaved traveler. NOT

  3. Epador

    On of the joys of living in Vegas is when you are coming home everyone on the plane is buzzed, and when you leave all buzzed, everyone else is quiet and hung over. Of course the military folks coming home after their 12 mo deployments are as buzzed as the players, but for different reasons, and usually pretty quiet as they leave for 12 months of deployment in Somewheristan.

  4. Kim Snyder

    I’m just watching this podcast a bit late (Saturday morning), so it’s possible that this was mentioned during the comments and I didn’t catch it, but I heard an interview with another passenger who was on the plane. She said that the Dr. and his wife DID volunteer to take a deal on giving up their seats, HAD DEPLANED, and then got back on the plane after they found out that they could not get another flight out that evening to get him home to “see patients in the morning”. So, my question that comes up from this bit of knowledge is: was he now an unticketed passenger on the plane? This certainly doesn’t justify beating the man and physically dragging him off the flight like this but it also doesn’t justify his behavior. I agree that his past history of anything doesn’t have any bearing on this situation (and obviously, the air marshals doing the removal had no knowledge of that).