We’ve all been there. Called in front of the principal for unruly behavior. But what happens when the principal is a hospital administrator obsessed with patient satisfaction scores…and the unruly victim is Doc Vader? Oh, it gets REAL.

Share this with doctors, nurses, and everyone who actually does patient care. (PS Administrators, we love and need you…just let us care for patients OR WE WILL SHOW YOU THE DARK SIDE!)

Starring ZDoggMD as Doc Vader and Dr. Christine Estrada (a real palliative care doc!) as our lovely hospital administrator.

Watch the entire Doc Vader series here!

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8 Responses to “Doc Vader Vs. The Hospital Administrator”

  1. Harold Koiman

    P.P.S. Administrators: We truly hate you with every fiber of our beings. Toodles!

  2. Eric Kreckman

    Freakin Awesome!! TFF!!!

  3. Shannon Brown

    I’m crying and laughing! Gluteal cleft! I’m so using that one soon! As Director of Clinical Services my gluteal cleft is assaulted daily and this video was better than the 5:01pm Margarita!

  4. Beeper0426

    This is GREAT!

  5. Joan Smith

    Love it, gluten cleft….my new favored term…you go ZDoggMD

    • Joan Smith

      Gluten that is, grrrr spell correct

      • Joan Smith

        Lol ugh all know what i mean

  6. Lori

    Oh yes gluteal cleft! Truly the Zdog has started something that will live in infamy !