Why do some healthcare workers get so jaded, burned out, and MEAN? Why do we eat our young, when they are so dang stringy and tough?

Doc Vader‘s been there, my friends. In fact, he might STILL be there. And he doesn’t eat his young. He throws them into a Sarlac where they discover a new definition of pain as they are slowly digested over a thousand years.


  • Epador

    You must be cruel to be kind.

    You know, the folks who work in a double wide office in rural America and the ones working inner city clinics with armed sentries and barbed wire went to the same medical school and residency training in hierarchal medicine as the fellows and gals scamming government insurance, running abortion mills or raking in the cash at their concierge Park Place practices.

    Must be some other factor.

  • Todd Gianarelli

    Zdogg, NES not N64. And don’t forget tecmo bowl. Loser has to go back to the library. It was a cruel world back then.