Lately there seems to be a lot of chit chat about Obamacare, the advent of the health exchanges, and the broad-reaching effects on all elements of healthcare in America.

But there’s one voice that has been notably silent, and it’s time we heard it.

A parody of What Does The Fox Say? by Ylvis.

Here’s the original, in case you were wondering:


PS: At Turntable Health, we’ll be turning Obamacare into Obamalade…stay tuned to learn how! Or check out THIS article in The Atlantic. BLAM!

Patient goes huh?
Nurse goes what?
Hospitals try
to get their cut
Big Pharma whines
And med device
Companies go oo ooo oooo
Insurance guys
Are in our face
And congress shuts down the whole place
But there’s one voice
That no one knows….

What does the doc say?

10 Responses to “What Does The Doc Say? (An Obamacare Ylvis Parody)”

  1. impressed to bored in 6 secs

    very funny. but what do you actually do to help people who need health care?

    • ZDoggMD

      Excellent question! Obamacare provides insurance reform but doesn’t really address the care models that are the end organs here. So here’s our plan: Turntable Health provides amazing, easy access and high touch primary care, prevention, and care coordination services and collaborates with a not-for-profit insurance company (like Nevada Health Co-op) to create a wrap-around insurance product that is then offered on the Obamacare exchanges. Net result: federally subsidized access to concierge-level primary care for EVERYONE.\n\n\nTurns out this is exactly what we’re doing…stay tuned!

      • Pochy

        Do you offer this service outside of the exchange?

        • ZDoggMD

          Absolutely. There are non-exchange insurance plans which use us as the primary care option via Nevada Health Co-op, and then of course employers can use us directly, and individuals can sign up for a flat membership fee monthly ($75/month 35 years old).

      • Edna Wong

        I’d like to be part of this! Being inspired as my tolerance and compassion meter gets zapped everyday. I’m one #burntoutMD. Can we talk?

        • ZDoggMD

          Sure! Use the contact form on this website (comes right to me).

  2. Dennis Bethel

    You definitely captured several of my reactions! I applaud you for trying to increase access without sacrificing quality.

  3. Obamacare Zombie Mascot

    hahhaha check out this Obamacare Zombie MAscot\n\n

  4. Kelly Leva

    I’ve worked in an ER for the past 5yrs and it seems some Drs are afraid to lay it out straight like you do, all because of press gainey (patient satusfaction). We do have several that flat out tell people… Well sir if youd stop _______ you wouldn’t be here getting this med or that every two weeks. I’ve shown them your videos and they love them. We want to get the out on a loop on the television in the lobby. What an awesome, fun, and funny way to educate. I’m starting to think there is a way to fix stupid after all.


  1.  What Does The Doc Say? | The Fox Parody (Ylvis) | video