The American Health Care Act was withdrawn from consideration this week, opening the possibility of bipartisan action in the future on transforming healthcare.

But is that really going to happen? A provocative discussion of topics surrounding healthcare and whether it’s a right or a privilege, and the boundaries of personal accountability. Also: Doc Vader on “market price” in healthcare!

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2 Responses to “Is Healthcare a Right? | Against Medical Advice 004”

  1. Alaina Davis

    I’m like 2 months late to the game on this one but… Talking about sin tax (elevated BMI, smoking, addiction what ever is your vice). where I live most of the big employers have stopped hiring people that test positive for nicotine (along with illegal drugs), the currently employed are ‘grandfathered in’ but are strongly encouraged to join a cessation program. The hospital I used to work for was the 2nd in the area to start this trend, alot of the staff were upset saying “I get it, its not healthy. But what about hiring some one that is 300lbs? that isnt healthy either.” So their solution was for any one with their insurance and an HSA or HRA they would put $100 in every quarter if you either completed a cessation program and tested negative for nicotine for the whole year (tested voluntarily every quarter). same with if you did a fitness test (with really easy goals like casually stroll a mile on the tread mill and do 5 sit ups) or tracked your steps with a fit bit every quarter and showed improvement over the previous time you did one. We also got like $50 incentives for every family member on the plan that did 1 wellness visit a year, and like $25 if we went to the dentist once a year. and if you did all the things it would add up to around half of your yearly deductible. so there was more of an incentive to improve your quality of life rather than a penalty for remaining the same.