15 Responses to “EMS Be Hella Dope, Y’all! #EMSWeek”

    • Epador

      Don’t try that with SOF medics next to a V-22.

      • joshua kinnunen

        Yup. My truck. We were hit by a rubber necking 18 wheeler on the I15 north of Vegas. There was 4 of us in the back. My patient eventually died of complications as a result of the crash.

        • skepticR

          Me too lol. Got rear ended running hot with a critical patient

  1. Marcia M

    Emergency rooms wouldn’t be as overcrowded if people didn’t use it as a PCP or urgent care. Chronic back pain? See your PCP. Sore throat? Urgent Care. Neither a sore throat (unless it s swelling shut!! and that’s why it is sore) or chronic pain are EMERGENT!!!! Then they cry that they have to wait 3 hours to see a doctor for their sore throat, back pain, gout, hang nail, ingrown toenail!!!! why people with chest pain or are actively vomiting also need to wait cuz some ass is taking their bed instead seeing their PCP.

    ya, ridiculously short staffing is also to blame.

  2. Jeff Burgess

    So you don’t think there is incentives in sickness?

  3. Jacquelyn Rose Romando

    HEROS and Angels ­čŹÇTHANK YOU

  4. skepticR

    I once had a patient IN the ambulance call for another ambulance because I wouldn’t let their drunk off their asses posse ride to the hospital with them

  5. Scott Blanchard

    Recovering Paramedic and ED Nurse here. Used to have a problem with people not getting out of the way. Michigan has better laws now.

    Loved responding to a house with several working cars and available family members to get a minor medical complaint. All so they didn’t have to wait in triage.

    Started as a volunteer in Battle Creek, MI in 1988. Professional in Kalamazoo and Detroit, MI. Loved the job and the life. Couldn’t make a living and ended up in a factory for a few years before nursing school. It’s a damn shame. Should be mileages in areas with private EMS to support a living wage for EMS professionals. Private companies face the same issues with nonpayment and low medicaid/ medicare remittance.

    People do call 9-1-1 to bypass the lobby. In the 90s people learned to say “chest pain” to get past the waiting room. Most go to triage but some know the hot button things to say to get through. As charge, I send several appropriate cases to the lobby. I have sent the EMS call from the lobby back to the lobby. The suitcase sign is alive and well.

    All assault victims were minding their own business, were walking down the street, were minding their own business, and never know who hurt them. Moral of the story, never mind your own business.

    • joshua kinnunen

      We’ve always called the suitcase sign being positive for samsonite.

  6. Scott Blanchard

    Big police supporter here, however they need to stop with the, “go to the hospital or go to jail” thing. Voluntary intoxication is not a medical emergency.

    • joshua kinnunen

      I always loved when the cops say the scene is secure when there is one officer and an angry mob of 50 bystanders and one guy who got his butt kicked. Dear police — a 50:1 ratio of pissed off people to officers does not make a secure scene

  7. CMGraham

    I know it’s late, but just saw this video. It was great! The part about the chip with medical information – I wish. What I *do* tell patients is to get a 15 cent folder, put their latest discharge paperwork (which usually contains their med list and a medical history list) and a copy of their ID and insurance cards, and magnet it to their refrigerator. Then people know where to look for it and can just hand it to the EMS crew.

  8. Dianne

    When your coming up behind drivers red lights and sirens and they completely stop. They slam on their brakes, I’m standing up squeezing blood into the patient. Yes I’ve actually had patients call 911 from their room. Not my patients cause mine are in the ICU. But was asked to go answer their light on the way back to the unit.