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Should Delta Variant Scare You?

Delta variant vs. vaccines, hospitalizations, children, masks and more, explained by a doctor with precisely 97.5% less drama 👍

Here’s a decent summary in Nature with links to the Public Health England data. Here’s our show on kids and COVID vaccines. And here’s our discussion on myocarditis after mRNA vaccine.

Mixing Vaccines, Novavax, & More (LIVE)

The latest data on mixing vaccines, what’s the deal with Novavax, and YOUR questions.

Also: if you liked the meditation at the end, here’s our entire series on Awakening.

Concierge Care For The Poor (w/Angela & Brett Bymaster)

A family doctor and an engineer do what government couldn’t: provide amazing care to both rich AND poor. A bright spot lesson in grassroots healthcare reform 👍

In this episode we discuss bottom-up direct primary care Health 3.0 solutions that help people in poverty as well affluent individuals—using one group’s revenue to help fund the other. Healing Grove Health Center was founded by Dr. Angela Bymaster (a family physician) and her husband Brett (an electrical engineer and entrepreneur) in the heart of one of the more impoverished zip codes in Silicon Valley. In this episode they talk about their faith-based Christian mission and advise on the logistics of how anyone can start a similarly innovative clinic. And check out this report they made on the deleterious effects of COVID-19 shutdowns on the poor.
Here are some important links as mentioned in the show:

Returning To A Better Normal

[A Doctor Explains]

Let’s face it: the old normal SUCKED. There’s a better way to be, and it only happens NOW. An excerpt from the end of our live episode on mixing vaccines.

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