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The AMA Does NOT Represent Us

  • December 1st, 2019
  • visibility 4415 Views

The American Medical Association deleted its original tweet asking whether medical schools could teach students how to be "more efficient and effective" with the EHR....

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Why Nursing Education Matters (w/Kimberly Ding, RN, BSN)

  • November 26th, 2019
  • visibility 551 Views

Can doctors and nurses communicate better and walk a bit in each others' shoes? Kim Ding, RN, BSN is a clinical nursing instructor and all...

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Suck It, Anxiety! | Morning Roundz Ep. 20

  • November 21st, 2019
  • visibility 858 Views

Tom Hinueber and Logan Stewart hit the garage studio for some talk of managing anxiety, over-caffeination, the 90's HIV scene in San Francisco, and way...

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Closing The Mental Health Gap In The ED (w/ Dr. Seth Thomas)

  • November 20th, 2019
  • visibility 510 Views

Can we do a better job of caring for psychiatric illness in the ED while improving caregiver safety? We dive in with emergency physician Dr....

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Saving Medicine One Story At A Time (w/Dr. Alicia Kurtz)

  • November 15th, 2019
  • visibility 399 Views

Could sharing stories be the key to retaining our humanity (and sanity) in healthcare? Dr. Alicia Mikolaycik Kurtz, Vituity emergency physician and host of the...

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Tom & Z Catch Up | Morning Roundz Ep. 19

  • November 15th, 2019
  • visibility 577 Views

In a race against my battery dying and Tom's over-hot mic, we talk about stuff like y'all aren't listening.

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Surgeon, Author, and Badass Dr. Marty Makary

  • November 13th, 2019
  • visibility 739 Views

Author of "The Price We Pay" and "Unaccountable" and Johns Hopkins Professor of Surgery Marty Makary, MD co-hosts a pretty crazy discussion, LIVE. We talk...

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The Case Against Reality (w/Prof. Donald Hoffman)

  • November 10th, 2019
  • visibility 2008 Views

We have NO CLUE how consciousness emerges from 3 pounds of wet goo. Cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman takes us deep into his research that makes...

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Buprenorphine For Opioid Dependence In The ED (w/Dr. Dylan Carney)

  • November 7th, 2019
  • visibility 652 Views

 Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) for opioid dependency is often understood as an outpatient intervention. Emergency physician Dr. Dylan Carney teaches us about the increasing data...

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Stop Resisting Your Truth | Morning Roundz Ep. 18

  • October 31st, 2019
  • visibility 945 Views

This one goes DEEP, y'all. Not for people who won't talk about spirituality, religion, the nature of the universe, and living your personal truth and...

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Staying Human In Medicine (w/Dr. David Epstein)

  • October 31st, 2019
  • visibility 384 Views

Pediatric intensive care physician Dr. David Epstein is passionate about the health of our children. We talk about retaining our humanity in the face of...

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When The Lights Go Out In Cali

  • October 30th, 2019
  • visibility 327 Views

Are we leaving our patients in the dark? Video version here.

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