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    Improving Recovery & Healing Beyond The ICU (w/Dr. Wes Ely)

    • calendar_today September 7th, 2021

    A front-line critical care doc talks about why preserving quality of life AFTER an ICU stay matters…a LOT.

    Topics & Timecodes: 

    0:00 Intro

    7:06 Importance of family in ICU care, especially with cultural/language issues

    13:08 Testimonial injustice, the A2F Bundle, and a billionaire in the ICU

    17:17 COVID & nurse burnout

    20:13 Caring nonjudgmentally for patients regardless of their vaccine choices

    24:56 The ethics of fetal stem cell lines in vaccine development (and some surprising truth)

    28:30 Therapeutics analysis: ivermectin, JAK inhibitors, baricitinib

    38:50 Allowing ourselves to feel with our patients, the importance of respecting faith paths

    46:31 ICU delirium may damage higher cognitive systems and leave emotion intact (elephant and rider/system 1 and system 2)

    54:19 The harm of excessive sedation and delirium as a predictor of death

    58:53 PASC, Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID (AKA Long COVID)

    01:03:48 Managing delirium and early mobilization in the ICU

    01:09:37 Self-forgiveness, shame in medicine, and closing thoughts


    Watch the video here.

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