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    Did COVID Break Our Brains? (w/Dr. Vinay Prasad)

    • calendar_today October 28th, 2021

    Sense-making on vaccines and young kids, recognizing groupthink, removing ideology and personal attack from scientific discourse, and much more.

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    0:00 Intro

    0:15 We turn science debate into good vs. evil, why?

    6:27 Understanding FDA decision on kids vaccines 5-11, myocarditis etc.

    12:49 The “Retrospectoscope” and our takes on COVID over the months

    16:17 The origins of COVID politicization and Tribalism

    25:41 Should we not treat unvaxxed people or shame unmasked children?

    28:13 Having compassion for those who misbehave or attack

    31:21 The fragility of wishing contrary opinions would disappear

    36:38 Recognizing our cognitive biases when engaging in sense-making

    40:21 My experience working in genetics with Drosophila fruit flies

    43:06 How COVID broke our brains and sense-making ability: masks

    47:05 Social media attacks, virtue signaling, performative vulnerability, dealing with emotion via social media

    56:31 Equanimity, desire, aversion, and the roots of suffering

    1:00:00 Connection and positive feedback

    1:01:43 Joe Rogan and Sanjay Gupta, Ivermectin

    1:06:00 Hydroxychloroquine and the importance of randomized trials

    1:08:00 Is The Temple of Doom racist? The nature of the times in determining appropriateness

    1:09:29 The nature and art of comedy

    1:11:06 Squid Game and the darkness of our times

    1:14:26 What people can do to decrease polarization

    1:15:23 Vaccine Mandates: the consequences for healthcare and politics

    1:17:00 Waking up as a society to what matters, how we let people die alone

    1:20:21 Why doctors put out such shitty YouTube content and what it really MEANS to be in medicine, the nature of real mentorships


    Full video with transcript.

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