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    Meet Suki, The Siri For Healthcare

    • calendar_today January 17th, 2019

    What if we had an invisible, Alexa-like assistant that functioned like a medical intern, doing the scut and freeing us to be present for our patients? Punit Soni, founder and CEO of Suki, is building exactly that. Will it actually work, or is it one more of Silicon Valley’s failed healthcare promises? We dive in!

    In this episode we discuss how technology can actually enable the human relationship that’s been lost in healthcare. We talk about the challenges and opportunities of having a voice-activated AI that empowers rather than obstructs. Would you let it into your exam room? After talking to Punit and his COO and fellow UCSF alum Dr. Nathan Gunn, and after seeing the demo, I have little doubt that the future of Health 3.0 is gonna be bright (with only a 30% risk of robot apocalypse).

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