An inmate/patient takes a nurse hostage at Delnor Hospital in Illinois…

Then it all hit the fan. We discuss frontline medical staff safety and why people who hurt nurses should burn in Hades. Editor’s Note: new details are emerging on this, stay tuned. This live cast was based on press information at the time.

Shared anonymously by a coworker with me:

“The real story is about her heroism. This nurse which I will not mention her name as she wants to not be named at this time. I just want the record to be straight. The gunman was an inpatient and got the gun from the correction officer. The details are for this nurse to share I will not go into the details of her story because that is for her to tell if and when she is ever ready to tell it. This was very traumatizing for her and will need much support. I pray for her healing and recovery from this awful event. She is a HERO!”

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