A massive federal sting nabs over 400 health care professionals…

Should those accused of running opioid “pill mills” be charged with murder, too?

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One Response to “Should Pill Mill Docs Be Charged With Murder?”

  1. Kinoons

    I too have mixed feelings about healthcare professionals being charged with murder in the over prescription of opioids. Does this mean that anyone who provides someone with a dangerous thing can be charged with murder if someone then kills themselves with it? Going to put a car salesman in jail for selling someone a 500 HP sports car who’s only been driving a week and they crash into a wall? It the classic sue the firearms manufacture for the actions of a gunman? I agree that prescribers who negligently write scripts do bear some responsibility and I think manslaughter is more appropriate. However ultimately the patient must take some responsibility in this relationship as well. If we decide we want to consider drug abuse a disease instead of a choice (and I personally believe it’s somewhere in between) then a patient must take some of the blame if they chose to not seek treatment for their addictions. As such jumping to outright murder for a prescriber seems like a reach to me. This also leads to the difficult question of what is too much as far as opioids goes? Or is this a situation of I can’t really explain it but I know it when I see it? If that’s the case holding everyone to a fair standard for prescribing practices is going to be nearly impossible.