Another “organic” viral video claims that frozen lemons are thousands of times more powerful than chemo like adriamycin.

Oh, and they also “alkalize” the blood, bro.

So we here at ZDoggMD Industries decided that it’s time to pucker up with some fresh-squeezed science, y’all:


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3 Responses to “Frozen Lemon More Powerful Than Chemotherapy?”

  1. Karen

    It is a shame things like this are out there but also people are desperate for some other hope. Chemo is toxic and as advanced as the world seems to be we feel trapped by toxic chemo. It kills, if this weren’t true we’d have people survive cancer and live to a. Older age. People do survive but only to the tune of 3 -10 years. Prolonging the enevitable not a cure. That is the sad part. Does big pharma keep the cure away I think so. They have everything to loose.

  2. Danielle jones

    What are the survival rates of chemotherapy? It seems like you’re not open to the possibility of alkaline or changing the pH with foods? Pro pharma much?

  3. Victoria Gladden-Torres

    I’m a nurse with colorectal cancer and wish I had a dime for every person who has told me to eat lemons or some other thing and stop my chemo just because they saw a 5 min thing on the internet. Laughing!