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2 Responses to “Doc Vader on Sundowners”

  1. Julie Nurse for 40 years.

    Wait wait… even when the nurse was tossed around by police she did not throw a punch.
    Seriously if you want to get a patient with dementia to cooperate get in their mind on their side of their fantasy. Stand beside her not in front of her. Get her name and run with it. “EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE AND LEAVE GLADYS ALONE!” Then gently take her hand, reassure her you and her are the only sane people in the room and then ask her what is wrong. “Cars and apples with my head and my house is gone don’t trust now I am crazy with crazy so is there a bathroom without apples and you know ok?”
    She has a UTI. Suffer with a specimen caught in a hat and don’t demand a cathed spec.
    Once she feels you are on her side and not against her you will get someplace.

  2. Kim Aldrich

    I was working at the nursing home the other night on the dementia unit, giving meds to one man when another came by in his w/c and starting punching. I was trying to hold one man back while getting hit. ‘m gotta love it, i need combat pay.