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    You Can Help Make Better Doctors, Act NOW

    • calendar_today January 6th, 2019

    Dr. Paul Teirstein returns to discuss an American Board of Medical Specialties report finding that Maintenance of Certification (MOC) testing is a huge burden on already overloaded physicians without providing real benefit for patient care. But they aren’t going to CHANGE anything…unless we all weigh in! ABMS is asking for public comment by January 15th and WE MUST lend our voices, ZPac!

    Please listen and consider leaving your comments for ABMS via links here:

    They want to hear EVERYONE’S input (not just doctors) by January 15th! Let’s stop feeling powerless and take our profession back, for the sake of our patients and for each other.

    Dr. Teirstein is the Chief of Interventional Cardiology at Scripps and is the President and Founder of the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS), an alternative board certification organization for physicians.

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