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    Omicron Boosters, Kids’ Vaccine & More (w/Dr. Paul Offit)

    • calendar_today July 6th, 2022

    Why did Dr. Offit vote NO on Omicron-specific boosters at the FDA advisory meeting? What’s up with vaccine for the youngest kids? AND MUCH MORE…

    All our videos with Dr. Paul Offit here. And check out Paul’s recent op-ed on variant-specific boosting in Stat News.

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    Topics & Timecodes: ​
    00:00 Intro, Omicron-specific vaccine, brief COVID history, what is a bivalent vaccine ​
    06:56 The FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee, political agendas & the seemingly declining burden of proof
    13:15 Booster vs. 3rd dose, understanding age stratified risk, potential for vaccine escape
    16:52 My dad’s COVID story, risk calculation, the problem with broad stroke policies
    20:50 What happens to old COVID variants, predictions for the upcoming winter surge
    23:07 Viral infection patterns, specifically in children, MIS-C
    28:52 Severe disease, death and long COVID in children, vaccine uptake in children
    33:53 Kids under 5 & the COVID vax, community vs. individual benefit
    38:45 COVID vax mandates & their effect on childhood immunizations, public health messaging
    43:58 Recognizing & overcoming bias, Dr. Offit’s emotional experience upon approval of the rotavirus vax
    47:59 Paul shares his COVID experience, long COVID as a biopsychosocial condition, final thoughts

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