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    The Truth About Myocarditis, Kids, Boosters, Natural Immunity, & More (w/Dr. Paul Offit)

    • calendar_today October 11th, 2021

    COVID vaccine answers, straight from Dr. Offit (vaccine co-inventor and member of the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee) 🔥.

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    Topics & Timecodes:
    0:00 Intro
    1:00 Kids and COVID: current epidemiology
    3:59 Vaccine for kids: dosing, data, risks, a polio rant
    9:48 Myocarditis risks, kids 5-11 vaccine data
    11:48 Single dose for kids?
    12:52 Mechanism of myocarditis, is it due to accidental intravenous injection? MIS-C & MIS-A
    16:46 Sweden’s Moderna pause for young people, understanding risk
    19:46 Booster vs “third dose”: preventing severe disease, inducing B and T memory cells
    25:58 Breakthrough Infection is a terrible term: an epic rant
    30:17 Israeli booster mandates and data, explained
    32:56 Would Paul get a booster for himself?
    34:17 Spacing out the second dose, Paul’s thoughts
    35:15 Measuring antibody levels
    36:47 Natural infection, dissected
    40:58 Psychological reactance to mandates, trust, Scandinavia vs US
    43:34 COVID vaccine in pregnancy
    46:13 COVID vaccine in autoimmune disease
    46:57 Do mRNA vaccines cause clotting
    47:40 Long COVID and vaccines
    48:45 VAERS explained
    51:22 Molnupiravir from Merck as a therapeutic, Ivermectin etc
    53:08 Novavax
    53:55 Flu, Flu shot and timing with COVID vaccine

    Full video with transcript.

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