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COVID Vaccine Update 1/12/21 (w/Dr. Paul Offit)

  • calendar_today January 13th, 2021

The legendary vaccine researcher returns to answer a metric ton of our questions.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The safety data so far after 7 million vaccinations
  • The case of the OB doctor who died of a platelet-related illness after vaccination
  • Why the second dose of the mRNA vaccines is crucial
  • Why patients who’ve had COVID should still be vaccinated
  • The effect of monoclonal antibodies on vaccine efficacy
  • The situation with anaphylaxis/pregnancy/autoimmune disease and more
  • Whether new viral variants will “escape” the vaccine
  • Are there tests to check for real immunity after infection or vaccination
  • Whether you can mix and match the two vaccines
  • What new vaccines are coming down the pipeline
  • Do vaccinations prevent asymptomatic spread
  • Un-blinding and vaccinating placebo arms of the trials
  • The formula for herd immunity
  • Healthcare worker vaccine hesitancy, and much much more.

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Full video and transcript here

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