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    COVID Update LIVE: Supreme Court, CDC Masks, Tribalism, & More!

    • calendar_today January 15th, 2022

    Lots to talk about this week, so LET’S DO THIS 🔥

    Topics & Timestamps

    00:00 Intro

    00:38 Tribalism, the hive mind & social media

    04:44 Alt-Middle & holding beliefs loosely

    06:53 Vax on vax violence, friendly fire & today’s Twitter storm

    15:10 My conversation with Karen Ernst, healthy discourse, seeing the human behind the handle

    21:38 New CDC mask guidance, why good people disagree

    23:43 Emotions & self reflection

    26:25 Fair criticism & acknowledging struggles among public health leaders ​

    29:05 Myocarditis, boosters & college students; safetyism​ & the liberal education hive mind

    31:45 Vaccine mandates, the Supreme Court & the role of moral values

    39:37 Social media themes as a religion

    44:07 Politicization of public health, guns

    47:08 Red church vs blue church, the value of covid testing

    53:53 Final thoughts, assuming good intent & establishing a meditative practice

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