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    Awakening Means Feeling EVERYTHING (w/Suzanne Chang)

    • calendar_today May 12th, 2023

    “The cave you most fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” -Joseph Campbell

    A conversation with Suzanne Chang (Suzanne Non-duality on YouTube) about awakening/realization and the dissolution of the sense of a separate self that could stand apart from life. This is an audio-only conversation. Check out our prior video interview here. SPOILERS AHEAD for the Netflix show BEEF 😉

    • On making YouTube videos and music when there’s no sense of self apart, the creative process
    • The experience of watching Netflix’s BEEF from an awakening/spirituality perspective
    • Holding emotion in the body and the energetics of allowing it to be expressed
    • Repressed anger and road rage (a personal story)
    • Is Zubin happy?
    • Our last dinner when Suzanne visited with my wife and me
    • (Insert dinner pictures)
    • My wife’s awakening shift, conditioning and reactivity
    • Spontaneous action post awakening and the nature of freedom
    • Intense emotion and stillness
    • Depression and “mood” pre-and-post awakening
    • Mind identification vs. truly feeling the body
    • Suzanne’s current experience of “emptying out” and the loss of the sense of a self apart
    • When the helper personality type becomes hurtful
    • Radical acceptance of how the body-mind IS
    • That final episode of BEEF
    • The role of surrender and total relinquishment 
    • David Carse’s book “Perfect Brilliant Stillness” and reality as hologram 
    • The primary importance of no-self realization (an energetic internal death) and going to the darkest places inside that intensify the seeking mechanism in the first place
    • The nature of shame and “brokenness”
    • Why the word “transmission” doesn’t sit well with Suzanne
    • And more!

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