I get more emails from respiratory therapists (RT) than ANY OTHER SPECIALITY in medicine.

And every email is exactly the same: “What about us? When are WE going to get a video? When do WE get some love?”

Never mind that I’ve made A BUNCH of videos and memes that shout out RT. Never mind that I collaborated on the below video from with real-life rapping respiratory therapist:


Despite all this I still get non-stop whining from my PEEPs in RT. Well, in exasperation I turned the matter over to Doc Vader cuz I ain’t got time for it, playboy. And neither does Vader, apparently…enjoy, my snot jockeys!


PS Respiratory therapists, y’all know I got mad luv for y’all. I still wanna do “Ventilators” as a rap parody of Warren G’s “Regulators.” If you wanna see it happen, help us find a sponsor for it or contribute yourself via Patreon! PEACE!



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