ZVlogg #019 | Warm Mess

Imagine my surprise when Amy Hale, an RN and current pharmacy student at Roseman University, asked me to give a noon conference for the students. I mean, it must have been just last month that Dean Stolte instituted that restraining order (I’m not even sure how to gauge “20 meters”…why couldn’t the judge have delineated it in feet??) but I was more than thrilled. Thanks to all the students for their energy, great questions, and for not calling the cops. Yet.

Health 3.0, son!

  • Eric L

    I love the ZVlogg series!! I only wish there was a simple episode forward/backward button on these pages. Changing the URL to catch up on the episodes I’ve missed isn’t hard, but clicking a button would be easier!

  • Pamela Sachkowsky

    So listen… Not sure were to start here, but you are seriously one of the most inspirational physicians/persons I have “met”. It has helped me to realize that I can (and must) do more with my life. Because of the work you have done, I have made the decision to advance my practice by getting my APN/DNP. I feel that I was given a gift that allows me to heal people (mind, body and soul) and I can’t fully recognize that at the moment. I definitely want to do something similar to Turntable Health someday. Bravo to all that you have accomplished Zubin! It’s truly amazing!

    • Shucks Pamela, thanks for the undeserved kind words. And best of luck in your further studies!

      • Pamela Sachkowsky

        Hmm… For some reason self-deprecation doesn’t seem to suit you… Thank you for the encouraging words!


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