The latest episode finds our protagonist bloated post-Thanksgiving after an epic time lamb-se scene, deep in the game with regards to praying mantis husbandry, and rounding with some dope interns at Tha’ County.

Also: ZDADD!

Music: “Patients” by Devin Moore.

Thanks to family medicine interns Dr. Sara Estrin and Dr. Rodney Sholty!

3 Responses to “ZVlogg #013 | Interns!”

  1. Terri Marshall

    I don’t know why, but I love these ZVloggs! Keep ’em coming, ZDogg! Your family is so cute and hilarious. You are a blessed guy. 🙂

    • ZDoggMD

      Aw shucks, thanks for the love. I have a lot of fun making them and I’m just glad anyone watches at all!

  2. Ashley Collier

    Love the ZVlogg! So awesome! We need more hospitalist like you around the world.


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