Mad luv to everyone on call during this Thanksgiving. Check out our latest video It Was A Good Day, and enjoy this Oz-some rant.

Thanks to Dr. Timmy Plante for the perfect holiday ICD-10 code!

Music by the inestimable Devin Moore.

4 Responses to “ZVlogg #012 | A Thanksgiving Oz-stomy”

  1. Annie Robine

    Loved this! You are the Bomb… Hoping you get the spot on Oprah as well as Dr Oz… Would love to see that in person.. You are the one as I have said since the first video I ever saw… That WILL change EVERYTHING … \n

    • ZDoggMD

      Too…much…pressure….hahahaha thanks for the luv tho!

  2. Ferrina Sheth

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love everything you do! This one was super funny! Hahaha Drake ICD 10!!!

  3. Terri Marshall

    Hilarious, ZDogg. Happy holidays!