ZVlogg #011 | Meeting Ben Carson

We just released It Was A Good Call Day, but I couldn’t resist ZVlogging (yes, I’m making that a verb, son) about my random encounter with Dr. Ben Carson. WARNING: may contain a medical Christmas carol and Readmission: Unplugged.


Watch the entire ZVlogg series here.

  • T forbes

    You are sooo weird hahaha

    • Insert Nic Cage voice: “That’s high praise!”

      • T forbes

        Yep, it actually is

  • Rob Cordes

    Did you take to Carson about immunizations? I’m hoping you told him “The most important thing we do for our children at Turntable Health is we immunize them.” “You know Ben the most cost effective health care we provide is immunizations.” \nI’ll stop before I really get going.\nBTW that bubble wrap – admit it, it is not just your kids who are disappointed! You need to twist it a few times and isolate a few bubbles then they will pop. As Dr Harry can tell you it takes a pediatrician to figure out how to turn anything into a toy.

    • *sigh* I’m trying not to think about Dr. Carson’s “beliefs” too much or I’ll wish I’d put on PPE before the interview. Stay tuned for the footage tho.

      • Trudy Bentley Rech

        You probably were wise, but I almost wanted to attend his book signing where I live just to mention how important immunizations are from a former public health nursing perspective and you know #RealScience because #prevention.

  • Trudy Bentley Rech

    Looking forward to the video! He had to be impressed with Turntable Health.


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