Those of us in healthcare stand in solidarity with our colleagues in Paris, France. Here are my 4am ZVlogg thoughts on tragedy and the sacred gift of helping others.

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9 Responses to “ZVlogg #006 | #NotAfraid”

  1. Lynne Brown

    So well said!

  2. Charmaine Silva

    Very well said. I may not be there in person but understanding what the medical professionals have to do in order to help the victims, I myself have mixed emotions. Your are correct, I want to punch ISIS, yet knowing love is what will over come.

  3. OHnurseinFL

    Thank you. The lasting repercussions of this atrocity are what will harm us the most. These “anti-humans” are trying to turn us into them by fueling hate and turning to violence ourselves to cure this evil. I agree, we cannot stoop to their level, we must rise above that as hard as it is to do. I guess the bible was right “love one another as you would have them love you.” \nOne love Paris, one love!

  4. janiceamancuso

    Bless you, Zubin and ZDogg. \n\nShared on Facebook: “Zubin Damania, MD (ZDoggMD) has become one of the major thought leaders and champions of healthcare creation and physicians today. And he has a HUGE megaphone. He took it to a new level at 4am this morning.”

  5. Roxanne O'Connor

    I believe in the goodness of humanity overall and that it outweighs the darker elements. We shall overcome by staying true to our hearts, looking for helpers and BEING HELPERS. I heard a snippet on the news last night about how the Parisians had opened up their homes to strangers the night of the attacks–helpers. When I heard that it immediately reminded me of the heartwarming stories of how Canadians had taken in so many Americans trying to get back into the US after 9/11–helpers. I believe it takes tremendous courage for the average person to open up their home/safe place to strangers in times like this, especially when the enemy isn’t easily identifiable. We all need to be brave and courageous, have faith in the greater good, look for helpers and most of all be helpers at any level we can. Thank you for your words in this video and your incredibly talented parodies–you are quite special. I just discovered your EHR State of Mind last night and after losing my 22-year job as a medical transcriptionist (remember us the “humans” who know the difference between Ilium and ileum, affect and effect, etc.) I’ll be following you like an unpaid medical bill. You have a beautiful heart, great command of thought and hopefully and ever-growing audience to promote your sensibilities–helper!

  6. Mark Silverstein

    You are speaking true here. We absolutely do what we do because we strive to change the world, one patient at a time. The fundamentalist tendrils of evil cannot bring us down as we are the riders on the storm — “the world on you depends, our life will never end”. So, keep on talking and maybe some deaf ears will hear again.

  7. Annie Robine

    Beautifully said… Accessing a state of Grace with your words which is the portal through which change can occur… \n

  8. Juli Gist

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.\n\nMy wish is to always be a part of the light that drives away the darkness and a part of the love that drives out the hatred. As hard as it is to stay positive following such horrific acts of inhumanity, I will continue to remind myself that it is in me to be a portal for the peace that I want to see in this world. As healthcare workers and helpers, I think we are in a position to help to change the world. Your words are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

  9. Arielcnm

    Thank you so much. I’m a certified nurse-midwife in Chicago. In France they call a midwife a “sage femme”, or wise woman. I am so honored to be part of the tribe of healers. I know that some of the babies I deliver may do harm. But I trust that the loving care with which I treat their moms (and dads) will bend the arc of their lives toward good. \nWe heal. We help. We won’t stop.


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