I’ve always conceived of the ZVlogg as a forum to discuss provocative topics in healthcare. Like what would it be like if Darth Vader were an attending physician in our current broken system? Might even the Lord of the Sith find himself at a loss?

Tom Hinueber, the director of Readmission, Bad Skin, EHR State of Mind, and our upcoming “It Was A Good (Call) Day” joins me for the shenanigans.

Got your own funny idea for the Doc Vader skit? Leave it in the comments below.

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One Response to “ZVlogg #005 | Doc Vader”

  1. Rosemary Hall

    G’day, maybe a vlogg on how long term medical care impacts on both the patient and the families/friends. I work in an ICU and sometimes we have people who have had ‘all stops pulled out’ and are surviving on a ventilator of greater than 6 months. The family visits are fewer and farther between. Friends don’t come to call as often and the patient becomes more and more depressed as life is going on without him. The mental anguish this generates sometimes creates conflict/acting out with staff and is heart wrenching to watch. Just a thought.